I’ve restarted my streaming career.

Hey everyone,

I’m happy to announce that I’ve begun to stream again and this time I’m really looking at streaming with a whole new perspective and taking a different approach to my channel as well. So in today’s post, I just want to talk about my history with streaming and what I’m doing now that I believe will lead me to eventual success. Hopefully.

My Beginning

I started my first stream on Justin.TV in  2010. (Jeez 8 years ago now.) I was 15 or 16 at the time and what I did was I downloaded emulators and I played games from the past that I never got the chance to play. It really wasn’t a bad idea at the time and there really wasn’t that much competition. The biggest stream at that point in time was 4 Player Podcast (Still going to this day) and they were averaging about 200-300 viewers. Yes, seems really small compared to Ninja’s 70,000 viewers now but it was a different time.

I streamed very consistently during this period. I never had a set in stone “schedule” but pretty much when I had time, I was streaming. Over time this garnered me some attention. I had around 15-20 concurrent viewers per stream, my best was when I was playing Punch Out (terribly) and I peaked at 115 viewers. I couldn’t believe it.

Unfortunately, I was a kid at that time. School became a priority and I just stopped streaming and I didn’t return for quite a few years.


When I finally attempted a resurgence of my stream, I was a different person. I had that show on Justin.TV playing the classics but now there was competition. I was also older, I wasn’t the energetic kid I was when I started.

So I streamed League of Legends. No stream schedule and I barely even talked during my streams. My content was so bad that I couldn’t even watch the VOD’s to analyze why I wasn’t seeing the growth I had achieved in 2010.

I think that the numbers really hindered me during this time. I had a decent stream before I gave it up to focus on school so when I started streaming again and wasn’t making any headway I just lost confidence and accepted defeat and then I would stop entirely only to return a few months later.

I went through this cycle many, many times.

What Makes This Time Different

I’ve finally just come to the acceptance that I may not ever gain a massive community, and I realize now that this is okay. I have been streaming every night for the past three months because I enjoy streaming. I enjoy talking to the few people that have come by my channel and spent a little time with me. I enjoy the grind.

I still have plenty of things to work on. I have to do a better job of filling dead air, I have to save enough money for a while to get what I need to make my stream look better from a quality standpoint, and I have to make sure to bring positive energy to every stream. For now, I’m just happy to be streaming and working towards something and doing my best to improve every stream.

If you would like to catch a stream live, I’m always on weekdays  8pm CST to 11pm CST and weekends are a crapshoot but I’m usually on so just swing by!

CAMfidence LIVE

Thank you all who have stuck around as followers to this little blog I made a few years ago. I know I don’t post enough to deserve your support but I don’t always have things coming into my head that I can dedicate an entire post to and that holds me back from putting more content up. I hope you still enjoyed this post and the next time I can think of something while sitting in my office to write about, I will.


Cameron Traut

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