Honest Reviews: No Man’s Sky Next

What’s up!

Just to catch you guys up since I haven’t made a post in almost a month now, I have hardly been playing any video games. My wife Morgan and I purchased a new home and we have had some renovations that we need to get done over there before we can pick up and move out of our apartment so that has been taking up the majority of my time and that’s not such a bad thing.

Right before we got the new digs, I was going through my yearly gaming rut. I was trying to find something fun to play, but nothing was holding my attention and there wasn’t really any games releasing that peaked my interest. The one game I had continued to play through the rut was Dead by Daylight but I’ve already discussed that game in my last blog post so I won’t give it praise again but read the other post if you are curious.

Anyways with the limited free time that I have had for gaming I’ve been playing No Man’s Sky. I think my current save is at about 14 hours and I am having an absolute blast with this experience. It’s really hard to explain what makes this game so enjoyable but I will do my best.

One of the biggest changes is the ability to play the game from a 3rd person perspective. I’m really not sure why this is so great but it is. It makes No Man’s Sky feel fresh again which certainly helped me to keep playing past the slow process of re-learning the game and it’s new additions.

Almost all of the elements in the game have been renamed, for example, Thanium9 which was used in the launch version to refuel your life support systems has been renamed to Oxygen. Makes much more sense but I spent about 20 hours with the old element names so it was an adjustment. This will be a non-factor issue for new players though, so if you are just getting into this game you will have no issue with this but it’s still worth mentioning.

I think the biggest change for most players is the ability to play online with three other friends now. I can’t comment on this because my PS4 friends list is pretty barren but I can imagine that it would be an amazing time just chilling with some friends and building a mega base and exploring the depths of space. It’s truly incredible that Hello Games was able to program working multiplayer into a game that was clearly not designed with that in mind from the onset.


The main thing that is drawing me into this game now is how I can seemly just get lost in this world. With my current play through, I turn it on not ever knowing what I’m going to get accomplished, if anything at all. I just let myself wander and do whatever feels right in the moment. I’ve never been able to this with any game I’ve played but it works so well with this game. No matter what I do, or how I spend my time in this game, I always leave feeling satisfied and feeling a sense of accomplishment. It’s truly incredible.

I never dove deep into the systems and functions of the launch version of the game. This is mostly due to the fact that I never knew what the hell I was doing. I used to go to a new system, I would land briefly at all the planets in that system, build a warp cell, and hyper drive to the next system. I maybe spent a half hour at each system before flying off to the next one so I probably went to around 10 different systems. I understand now this is a really bad way to experience the game but with no direction other than the interviews with Sean from Hello Games, I took it as the goal was to reach the center of the galaxy, why would I spend a lot of time at each system?

With my current play through however, (I restarted by the way), I am on I believe my 4th system, I’ve upgraded my multi-tool so when I scan in Flora/Fauna it loads my pockets with units. I’m currently working on my first base to unlock additional crafting recipes. I own a freighter and four ships; a shuttle, explorer, and two fighter class ships, and I’m sitting on about 4,000,000 units in my account with plenty of options to earn additional units. It just feels good man. So good.

The only negative thing that I have to say at this point is on my PS4 Pro, I have been experiencing some crashes. The automatic save system is adequate enough to not infuriate me to badly but I have lost upwards of about 10 minutes game time from crashes. It might be a good idea to craft a portable save point and carry it with you to drop down and save as often as you can to prevent this but I’m sure this will get fixed with time.

No Man’s Sky Next Final Grade: A-

I really hope this will reach someone on the fence about purchasing No Man’s Sky to take the plunge. I know you can get this game on sale at the moment through Steam and I really think if you are into survival games in any form or you just love the space aesthetic to give this game a shot. Get lost in this world and experience one of the greatest comeback stories in all of gaming history.







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