Let’s Chat: Why no posts?

Hey guys,

I just wanted to give you a little update since I haven’t been posting consistently. The truth is I’ve just been very uninspired when I get home from work the last few nights so I’ve either ended up not playing any games at all or just continuing the games that I’ve been playing which doesn’t give me any new content to write about. This doesn’t mean that I’m absolutely done with this, I just can’t guarantee to get a new post up everyday like I used to be able to do.

I’ve essentially been continuing Nioh which is going well but there isn’t much to talk about with that after the post I made on Monday. I will hopefully be finishing that and then I will be able to do an analysis on time with the game but who knows when I will finish.

I’ve also been hopping into about 2-3 H1Z1 matches a night but again, I’ve already made a post about my initial impressions on H1 and nothing has really changed with the game so I have nothing left to talk about.

I’ve also popped on the VR headset and spent some time in Pierhead Arcade but I already wrote the analysis on that game so once again, I’m not going to be getting any content out of that either. It’s just fun beating my high scores ha-ha.

Lastly, when I feel really uninspired I’ve been popping in MLB: The Show 17. I don’t have MLB: The Show 18 and really don’t plan on ever getting it and I have no interest in doing a write-up on a year old sports title when the new game in the series is already out.

Again this post by no means is stating that I am giving up on working on this project, I just wanted to make you guys aware of what’s going on in my world and how that is having a direct impact on the blog. I hope you will stick this gaming rut out with me as I do my best to think of creative things to get back in the swing of things.


Cameron Traut

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