Unpopular Opinion: Mafia 3

What’s up guys!

I apologize for not getting anything up yesterday but I was swamped at work and didn’t really get any time to put anything up and not only that I’ve been experiencing a little bit of a mental block lately so I couldn’t think of anything to talk about. Anyways let’s get into today’s talk about Mafia 3.

Mafia 3 was practically ripped to pieces by the press for being a game with a very repetitive gameplay loop. Now that I think about it, this is the main gripe for Sea of Thieves as well and we just talked about how I liked that game earlier in the week. Anyways this is true for Mafia 3, you essentially do the same mission 65+ times until you complete the game. Despite this however, I was able to finish the game and anytime I willingly finish a game now, there is always something that I found special within it.

Side note: Before we get into this discussion, I need you all to all to take notice that I haven’t played this game since I completed it in the middle of January of 2017. So over a year ago.

I think the most underrated aspect of this game is the story. Sure it was a traditional “take down the mob” storyline that we have seen played out in almost every Mafia movie ever made but for some reason I just loved it playing through it. Most of the game for in fact was just playing to see the next cut scene because they were so well-developed and they looked so great visually.

On the topic of graphics, this game would look fantastic in one moment and absolutely garbage in the next. I’ve never experience such a fluctuation before it was really strange, but honestly it added a weird charm to the game that I gradually grew to find funny and I never really held it against the game.

Overall I think if you held out on the game when it was first released due to the poor reception, it might be worth looking into if you curious. You might have as much enjoyment with it as I did.


Cameron Traut

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