Day One Impressions: H1Z1 on PS4 Pro

Happy Wednesday!

I have to admit, I had a blast last night with H1Z1. I was super impressed with how the game was performing. Almost every game that I have played on release lately has been buggy or just didn’t work at all due to server overload so I was nice to be able to actually play!

I think I might be the only person in the entirety of the internet to ever say this but Daybreak Games really has me impressed here. They went through and revamped all of the UI in the game to make it feel as if it was made for a controller and god damn does it feel good. There isn’t a large inventory screen that you have to sort through or any of that nonsense, essentially what it comes down to is depending on the type of backpack you have increases the amount of weapons and ammo you can carry. You can switch guns by holding the left bumper button which pulls up a radial menu, then you use the left stick to select the gun. So much easier than PUBG on Xbox One.

It appears they have also completely tweaked the way the game is played over its PC counter part. The PS4 version is very focused on Supply Drops. Fortnite and PUBG both have supply drops but H1Z1 takes this to the next level. After 5 minutes, 3 drops will come down and they will continue dropping 3 more every 5 minutes or so until the end of the game. This is hectic as hell and it makes you play this game incredibly different from the other games in the genre. In my experience the game essentially is landing from your parachute, grabbing a Riot Shotgun, a Hellfire, and hopefully some armor and then you are off looking for the closest supply drop. So the initial looting phase is about 4 minutes. That is incredibly fast, That is probably twice as fast and Fortnite. I still haven’t gotten used to this fully yet but I can’t complain about a more fast paced experience.

I do have some gripes though, of course. I really wish there were more weapons available on the ground at the time you land. The only weapons that are scattered around to my knowledge are a pistol and a magnum, a shotgun, a submachine gun, and a crossbow. I really think they should at least have a few assault rifles scattered around as well but that’s just me. Now there are military crates scattered around the map that make an audible noise, (very similar to chests in Fortnite), where you can find assault rifles so they are out there, I would just like to see them scattered around the map not just in crates.

I also ran into one bug last night. I was lined up with a sniper watching this supply drop that came down probably 300 meters from where I was and I watched a guy drive up to the crate so I knew I would have a shot but when I looked down the scope there was no player model there. I could see the crate and his 4-wheeler he drove up there but not him. Once he got back on the vehicle and started driving I was able to see him again but I’m no superhero I’m not hitting a sniper shot at 300 meters while the guy is full speed on a 4 wheeler. Not game breaking, but disappointing none the less and I hope this get fixed.

The last negative point I will make which is not game breaking at all is the fact that gear crates and silver coins are extraordinarily hard to obtain. These items only affect your ability to change clothing o your character and I understand these systems are in place to make you throw a few bucks and the game but I just wish the crates would drop a little more frequently then it seems like they will. I probably played for 5 hours last night and I got one random crate and one crate from a tutorial quest that gives you a crate. This is a minor gripe though, but it bothers me so I thought I would mention it.

As stated at the beginning of this post I am enjoying my time with the game, I got a 9th place finish last night and I hoping tonight I can get my first win. Let me know in the comments what you guys think of the game so far and if you are interested I will be streaming H1Z1 tonight starting around 9:00 pm Central Standard Time. See you there!


Cameron Traut

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