Let’s Chat: My Thoughts on Sea of Thieves.

I love Sea of Thieves. I understand that this is a very unpopular opinion and what is strange is all of the negative things that have been said about this games are things that I absolutely agree with, but I still keep coming back.

The biggest thing that you will hear when this game is talked about it, “The game is as wide as the ocean but as shallow as a puddle.” Pun totally intended I’m sure. I have no counter argument to this though. In the games current state there are three factions that you can run missions for. The Gold Hoarders, The Order of the Souls, and The Merchant Alliance. All three of these factions give you fetch quest like missions to run which all feel similar. Essentially go to this island, gather these items, then return the items to the outpost. This doesn’t bother me though. Normally it would, but not in this game.

I’m also not a fan of straight up grind-fest games. I don’t get into MMORPG’s, shit I can barely stick with a traditional RPG because they all feel repetitive and they all feel so similar. Sea of Thieves is a game built with no progression system other than faction leveling, which you need to grind many, many, many quests to progress. I still don’t care.

For me, Sea of Thieves is a relaxing experience that I know I can hop on at anytime and have a blast. It doesn’t require my complete attention so I can listen to music in the background and still play the game without issue and progress as normal. It’s been very hard to find a game for me recently that I can just play casually without paying complete attention to. The gaming market is flooded with competitive shooters and story driven games where you always have to pay attention because you don’t want to miss a single bit of story content, and sometimes it’s nice to just be able to kick back in your chair and really relax. Sea of Thieves is the first game since Steep that I’ve been able to do that with.

It also doesn’t hurt that this game is an absolute work of art visually. The water is so unbelievably cool to look at, water splashes up onto your deck while you are traveling through rough water, and traveling into a sunset is straight awe inducing. This is very possibly the most aesthetically pleasing experience I’ve ever had in gaming. I mean ever. It’s truly special.

Moral of the story here is that I really love Sea of Thieves and I cannot wait for more content to be added. Rare really knocked it out of the park with the game in my opinion and I have no intention of putting this title down for a long time.


Cameron Traut




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